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Best Grilled Cheese


Artichoke-olive tapenade, fresh mozzarella, Oaxaca, fresh basil, sundried tomatoes, cheese blend, roasted flax seeds, accompanied by a side of tahini-basil yogurt.

Power Wrap


Herb roasted veggies, white rice, Oaxaca cheese, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh bell peppers, brussel sprouts, succotash salad, fresh tomatoes, spinach with a honey-chia seed vinaigrette.

Spicy Turkey


24 hour slow roasted hand carved turkey breast, onion jam, pickled jalapeno, fresh tomatoes, spinach, fresh bell peppers, pepper jack, and chipotle honey mustard.

Tuna Wrap


White albacore tuna salad, fresh tomatoes, spinach, artichoke-olive tapenade.